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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the deadliest riots since the egyptian revolution flare up in cairo as religious tensions lead to dozens of deaths in clashes between the country's christians and security forces also. poland is counting the votes after the parliamentary election on sunday is expected the prime minister the reduced party is in line for a second spell of power in a row join us for all the latest details. as growing poverty and e.u. country spirals out of control due to constant social spending russia says it could step into how the debt ridden european economies. have the biggest hans for a legendary creature in over half a century our correspondent joins the international expedition determined to
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finally proof before its existence. its five pm in moscow this is our own needs and now with our top story this hour religious tensions in egypt that intensified following the fall of mubarak have now grown into full scale riots over twenty people were killed and hundreds injured as clashes erupted between coptic christians and security forces in cairo what began as a peaceful rally calling for justice over attacks on christian churches by muslim extremists quickly turned into the most violent episode since february struggled in search of military vehicles were clearly seen charging through crowds and probably needs of people army infantry fired rubber bullets and tear gas it's still unclear who sparked the fatal scenes but state owned media has played. has quite waynflete the
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question protestors the editor in chief of the country's only christian newspaper says the new regime is to address their concerns in fear of a majority backlash. militant islamists feel free to churches and. property and salute the court. every time they escape with what the. movie is just too good presented to just i'm sorry to say that what we are seeing says the lucian is set in the situation but on the same time it's growing worse and worse because this limits factions and this limits. the reaction and the behavior of the government truth security at the in front of militant islamists extremely reluctant to enforce the rule of law and it is
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a very dangerous signal to these factions that the go among is is not ready to confront. continuously used the system as. a. strength. jean. says blaming the crop for christians for the violence is hypocritical of the country's military rulers. this is a very cynical attempt by the factory rulers of the country the military to portray a. minority of the population and religious minority as troublemakers when in fact all they're doing are trying to seek some justice overturn institutionalized discrimination that's the. residue from them time of what barak and his policies so
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this is absolutely cynical kind of the way it's covered by the military council and its media let's look at what the background that we're looking at is here in egypt because some people got carried away after mubarak stepped down and declared their evolution over in fact what we are facing is a popular uprising that was a poor awarded by a military coup leaving pretty much a political and security vacuum in place and that's the context for what's happening in egypt and all the kind of sides involved from the emerging secular parties to the more established parties to the military to the civil administration president administration don't seem to have enough authority to control the emergence to ation in egypt so that void vacuum anything is possible at the moment . well we are always keen to know what you think about our stories today we're asking about the violence that erupted in egypt just eight months after the
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uprising toppled the country's leaders let's take a look at how the votes are going so far just over half of your story that will suit the regime far worse than that of hosni mubarak all about a third point to a sectarian reference is the main reason for the violence while the rest of you are split between two options whether egypt's enemies from overseas are instigating the clashes or the february revolution is simply not over yet. in other news for the first time in nearly two decades a polish prime minister looks set to clinch a second term in office with more than ninety percent of the votes counted tunnel to civic platform party has a strong lead in sunday's parliamentary election to sky's beside it over four years that i cannot get growth of normal relations with russia are these cars on it in eastern europe alexey or says he is following the count. from what we see so far there will be no surprises as to who is going to win the election in poland beat
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exit poll results which were published straight after the polling stations were closed on sunday night suggested that prime minister bonaduce party the civic platform will garner around forty percent of the votes with their main competitors the party of the twin brother of the of the late polish president lech kaczynski it also will garner around thirty percent with all the votes counted so far these results seem to be proving rather accurate this will not be the great victory for don't know if you will still have to form a coalition with other parties in order for his party to have the second spell of power in a row but few aspirants have any doubts that the prime minister would be able to form a coalition with several other parties and take a second spell at power in poland this in fact is could be proved to be a very historic move because since nine hundred eighty nine polls have been changing their government and the ruling party every single four years with every election this it'll be the first time since nine hundred eighty nine. i was been
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reelected and the same prime minister will stay far for another four years this is not a surprise to many experts as they have been many surveys in many polls suggesting that polls have been very happy with their government with the way poland handled the global recession and this is probably one of the main factors why the poles have been voting for the prime minister spot even despite that the voter turnout has been rather low for traditionally politically active polls and the air off don't know to start power for the last four years have signified much improving relations between poland and russia in particular after the tragic smolensk crash which killed most of the country's political elite along with the country's president we are expecting that should he be confirmed as the country's prime minister for the second spell that we expect that he would not change his. the relations with russia will stay on the same level. still ahead on the program glenn
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game blowing up america accuses pakistan and sound terrorist but fears that the u.s. may now lose a major ally in the so-called war on terror. thanks for saying chances are very high to me to get silver there in the qaeda natural shelter for these discoveries and traces of these creatures so let's go there. we set out on a quest to find the legendary yeti and the mysterious mountainous forests of siberia. but first russia could soon come to the rescue of debt ridden e.u. economies a helping hand was extended by presidential aide however the details of the plan will be discussed only after europe comes up with a clear answer crisis strategy artie's time barred reports. well this news comes from the presidential economic aide who said there have been meetings recently focusing primarily on spain in those meetings to raise the possibility of russia being able to buy some of spain's debt and so provide extra help for the use of
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that crisis he also said that other brics countries brazil russia india china and south africa could try and help economically with the economic woes but there is a big but it relies on the e.u. coming up with a clear plan to try and contain the debt crisis that is currently sweeping across the eurozone we all know about the problems in greece italy and spain as credit ratings have recently been downgraded again raising fears of major debt problems there so russia says it's true it's too early at the moment to talk about any concrete plans to start buying up spanish debt we want to see unanimous first. for more on the e.u. financial was i'm joined live by your hundred pound over thread author of the book and the euro greece of course teetering on the brink and yesterday there was another sarkozy miracle meeting with words of encouragement as
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a result so there you have any credible plan at this stage as you see it. no unfortunately not don't think we can say at the moment that there is a credible plan to solve the different crisis is that or reinforcing each other at the moment here in europe we have a banking crisis we have a sovereign debt crisis there indirectly in a very vicious way and no the answer is unfortunately no there is no coherent european plan to take over all of these problems that are so severe at the moment and greece has already proved to be an unreliable borrower and it's still not able to reduce its deficit as agreed with creditors previously countries that cannot meet bailout conditions qualify for support. well there's a kind of catch twenty two situation is if you if you don't bail out these countries things will get very bad on a very short notice so at least in the short run there is no other possibility than
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to help these countries out with more loans and more support now of course there are the days coming close very fast when these countries need to see the problems that they have to face in terms of their budget and all things related to that they have to see these problems clearly in the eye. and if not if greece is not sort of in a proper way we will have a wave of huge financial problems brought to go east said to be about missing its next fiscal targets too and we are not so close from major problems with a country like italy and germany of course remains committed through the e.u. family and it's putting more and more cash into that hole but could undermine its own credit worthiness. well that's the big fear is callie that way that at the end of the day and they might not be far away even a country like france and certainly also germany can be ok entry in financial
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troubles or to put it in the language of the rating agencies both countries might lose their aaa rating and as a matter of fact for france for example i think the moment of loss of the aaa rating is not that far away but if things continue along the way that they have been going in the last months it might also become a big problem for that strong economy of the euro european union and the euro zone germany to finally lose its aaa rating what's the remedy for the l.a. bureau i mean your book is called the end of the euro is it that simple. well there are two possibilities either we take the big leap forward like some have called it and we go for a real political union where a lot of the decision respect to economic social and budgetary issues is transferred to do you will feel level that would certainly increase the credibility of the whole european process in the markets or second possibility we don't do that
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and then i think we are coming close to a situation where the euro might collapse as a unified going to see for euro and where we have a very messy process of trying to get back to national currencies editor in chief of trans magazine overspread thank you very much for your analysis live with us on the line from brussels. well i had for our web site r t v dot com for more on our top stories also online for you right now in the american auto inspired by the arab spring the wall street campaigners striving to curb corporations abuse of power and refuse to leave their camps but the wave of discontent spreading across the country . and ground to air the new york city mayor gives his police force a new weapon to fire at suspicious aircraft as part of fresh and new terror measures cried out more at r.t. dot com.
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pakistan have arrested a dozen al qaeda linked suspects that follows increasing pressure from the us which accused the country of seltzer and terrorists and while officially to see eye to eye on many issues some in washington are ready to support action against islam about as going into town now reports. the drums of war beating loud and clear washington calls pakistan a safe haven for terrorists. coming across the border attacking their fortunes of. afghanistan east and then disappearing into a safe haven. here carney network for one acts as a variable arm of pakistan's internal services intelligence agency pakistanis furious over the accusations calling them unsubstantiated and saying that
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washington came very close to losing a major ally in its war on terror if you talk about links i'm quite sure you know this is an incident in the terrorist organizations around the world which by which we need intelligence things over the last ten years pakistan has repeatedly compromised its own sovereignty to help the americans in their operations the us while chasing down suspected terrorists has been bombing pakistan with drones on a regular basis the strikes have killed thousands of civilians use of going attacks is not against our sovereignty it's also called for productive in it's the people that we want to build as friends in the spite against terrorism after the latest threats from washington earing an even tougher assault thousands of pakistanis angrily rallies to say enough is enough for these people the us is a hostile power it's china that they see is a friend and the americans in this one instance have had it over
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a major hearts and minds victory to the chinese in pakistan in spring china officially notified washington that any attack on pakistan will be seen as an act of aggression against beijing and pakistani prime minister praised his country's relations with china calling them quote higher than mountains deeper than oceans stronger than steel and sweeter than honey washington on the other hand seems to have mastered the art of alienating friends with packets. taking america's accusations that they support terrorists as a way to shift the blame for the failure of u.s. policies on pakistan but the blame game may blow up into full scale aggression the experts believe that we need to elevate our response it will have a lot of bipartisan support on capitol hill u.s. lawmakers have already signaled that if there is the will for tough action against pakistan they'll support it and when washington says the words safe haven for terrorists that's what you expect tough action and if it does happen pakistan could
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be the new afghanistan but with china as a friend and nuclear bombs at hand sounds like a deadly combination for the united states i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . and later today our to use cross talk to bait focuses on what interest the u.s. is pursuing in pakistan. there's no imperial ambition there for we try to get out we try to punish the people who attack the united states we've done so most of the argument we're getting out very quickly so we will be much of the right. you know the republicans want to get out of a very quickly how many tourists do you have to kill before you finally say enough's enough i mean the government there been no constraints on the number of people that have been able to be killed ten years of this no constraints drone attacks assassinations bombings killing of wedding parties at some point isn't it time to say another snuff.
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look now at some world news in greece for you this hour oil has begun washing up on a beach on new zealand's east coast five days after the containers struck a reef nearby the vessel has been foundering there since with ruptured pipes and at least one fuel tank having already leaked thirty tons of oil into the bay the clean up operations are now hampered by bad weather conditions and fears the ship could break up causing further of leaks. the mediator in kosovo serb dialogue is said to meet coast of our representatives after holding talks with officials in belgrade robert cooper is facilitating the dialogue between the science that had ground to a halt following a violent incident at the kosovo serbian border last month at least eleven people were wounded after serbs clashed with nato peacekeepers tried to disperse protesters against kosovo's attempt to take over two border crossings controlled by serbia. but serbia demanded an international investigation into the events in
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northern kosovo serbia and first deputy prime minister told us he believes nato troops are biased in settling the dispute between belgrade and pristina you can watch the interview with each church next hour here on r t but first here's a quick preview. the latest events in the north of serbia show two facts but first the pushiness is about to set up customs around what they think is the independent state of course you know on the other hand they show that there are international unions and a whole number of states that approve pushiness intentions we're facing a situation here with international forces deployed in cost of a all in fact. needs rather than maintaining a neutral position we need to find a way out of the situation where on the one hand there are countries that acknowledge the one sided proclamation of independence and on the other hand there is serbia which does not recognize the push to initiative.
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unsound and unfounded arousing fear and curiosity in equal measure evidence of the existence of bigfoot remains of themselves however the hunt for the yeti show no sign of ending as artie's with an arsenal to court because they period extradition track down the legend. the yeti also known as big. holes us court has been exciting science is an enthusiast from all over the world for more than a century but explorers have never had enough evidence to determine that this apparently gigantic creature is more than just a big lead and these beautiful mountainous forests in russia siberia are among the few places on earth thought to be roamed by yet and this is where the scientists from around the globe has come for the largest expedition of its kind since the nineteenth fifties to set out what's never been done before to finally catch
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a creature. but first we go to get blessing from this lands indigenous inhabitants and the list their spiritual support. this. shaming the death doesn't have any doubts i'm not shock and tell you that but yes he does exist. encouraged we continue our journey the path goes through impossible tiger fake it in the hunt for the evidence every minor detail becomes important ranches to mr blakeney is believed to be a key clue to the other's existence the scientists say it could not have been done by animals as they don't have hands or fingers to do and humans cannot do this way either as they're just not strong enough to do you can we go into the forest the more so cold markers we come across records in the middle of the birds in tiger
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forest are also high interest what disciplines of the expedition are saying it's not just wind falling trees the branches have been put in this way deliberately by someone and other stroke of luck we need a local who says he saw a tall man like harry creature nearby thanks for saying cancer is a very hard for me to get over there in the cave and measure a shelter or at least discover some traces of this crater so let's go there and sure enough the clues emerge there is what seems to be. a toll with the field back even just illegal but certainly not a bad the scientists agree while remaining cautious of jumping to conclusions but this is the future which we're tracking and there's only one industry mind you and certainly. right there. on the right. foot playing
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hopscotch sure would like to see a left foot. but the left one has never been discovered and celebrations are put on hold these are the real thing or they're convenient props to them it every news story but i wouldn't be quick to determine which of those alternatives is the truth without further. study it'll take a while could provide cost iran proof of the yet is existence but there are plenty here who want to be held in their breath. even if you bring them snowmen dead or alive the skeptics will say that's a pathology or mutation i think this could be explained by an impotent including financial importance of the academic science. bush is expected cian seems to have those involved going in circles and so it seems that until concrete evidence is found the discovery of big food remains at peak feet and ration ocean
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r.t. reporting from siberia business is next here on r t with kareena stay with us. carol bottoms up business updates as we've been reporting moscow could contribute to european debt paid out package as were involved buying up the bonds of troubled nation and your stuff is so volatile explains why it's in russia's interest to help . for russia it's an opportunity to have a. contribution in the stabilization of world finance the world economy and especially such a strategic partner as the european union i think maybe also comes in first so those relatively high yields some of these bonds it's also one of the ways for russia to for their diversify its reserves because even though the
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share of the euro within the reserves has gone up in the past several years there is scope for that to continue to unfold given the importance of the eurozone for for russia overall. and let's have a look at the markets all this higher as investors bet that fuel demand may increase after a pledge by european leaders to contain himself and i says light sweet is trading at eighty four dollars a barrel brant one hundred seventy dollars a barrel here his stocks are posting modest gains after germany and france bouts of presenting a comprehensive plan to deal with the debt crisis recapitalize. banks center here in moscow the miles it's in the autism mix the artist says nearly two percent in the in the red in the black sorry while the rises over a quarter of a. now let's have a look at some individual channels on the plots of. rebound from early losses getting over half
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a percent this hour bucking the trend is ross telecom company is close to buying also internet provider fourteen for thirty seven million dollars and truck may come out as all swap supported by strong results is that probably goes to two point seven million dollars because the twelve million that lost last year. in russia seem parcell priced forty five percent in the first eight months of the year two million vehicles sold the rights and made law that was the best seller although sale. growth was slower than it's called that's the its competitors traveling who die models were second and third most popular respect. sunless prefer car to catch up to seventy nine million dollars may disappear from people's plastic in russia by the end of the year the general grover count in the first half of this year russian banks have lost seventy percent more money from illegal credit and debit card operations than in the same period last year and this number is actually
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very alarming considering that the overall number of operations has increased by just thirty seven percent prothro separately stolen over a billion rubles for a private bank account and the forecast to still one point four billion more before the end of the year experts say most people here folded to months to make a method used by criminals to capture data from internet a tribe on the back of a plastic card russian legislation lax measures to try to before i do stop a crime the maximum punishment for scammers here is two years in prison although often in managed to get away industry experts point out another reason and that is the bank's attempts to save up on transactions safety special keyboard protectors can cost up to fifty dollars per a.t.m. this indeed could make operating a.t.m. change more expensive the banks very soon might have to reconsider their safety policy as with every faucet hundred ninety dollars per cash machine for a year but the damage to suffer from skimming might soon exceed the cost of additional safety measures. that's our business at this hour turning forty five
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this the law here. wealthy british style holds sometimes by the time. the. market financed scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look of the global financial headlines to name two causes
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a report. in two thousand and ten special economic zone for industrial production was established in russia somalia region with a total area of six hundred sixty six as. its investors are granted exclusive tax and customs benefits which includes a five year exemption from property lands and transport taxes as well as an income tax reduction to fifteen point five percent. the special economic zone operates as a fleet customs own which enables manufacturers to market their products in russia free of in four g.'s the some are region as he said is currently witnessing a sewage infrastructure construction the some are regions.


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